SASAM Consulting is commercial enterprise of Sahipkıran Center for Strategic Research (SASAM). SASAM is an Ankara based independent think-tank, established in December 1st, 2012. SASAM has the status of “association” officially and its charter (translated into English) is available here.

The mission of SASAM is determines in its Charter as follows;

a) To gather the individuals from all political and ideological backgrounds who defend the indivisible integrity of the Republic of Turkey and want to contribute to the best of their ability for the development and progress of our country and for a more prosperous life standard for our nation.

b) To conduct researches about the local and national problems as well as the problems of Turkish diaspora living in foreign countries, to produce proposals for the solution of those problems and to publish these proposals.

c) To conduct projects at national and international level aiming the solution of identified problems or to participate such projects that are being conducted by other organizations.

d) To organize seminars and conferences about the identified problems and proposals for the solution of those problems to raise the awareness of public.

SASAM was established by the idealist and volunteer experts who work at the most prestigious public institutions, universities and private organizations of Turkey, to realize these goals and mission.

The mission of SASAM Consulting on the other hand is to provide financial resources to SASAM to realize its mission without depending on any political, ideological and likewise entities. The finance needed for the activities of SASAM is provided by the consulting services given by the experts of SASAM who are competent in their fields and by the business partners of SASAM Consulting.


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