Sahipkiran Center for Strategic Research (SASAM) is an Ankara based, impartial and independent think tank. Our Center was established in December 2012 by young professionals working at various public institutions, universities and private sector organizations of Turkey.

Our Center is conducting researches on many topics with more than 50 experts working on a voluntary basis in 25 geographical and thematic study desks, releasing the results of their researches in the form of articles and reports, and sharing with the stakeholders of the subjects.

With the young and dynamic team of researchers, SASAM has determined its mission as to make positive contributions to Turkey, Turkish nation and humanity in general. For this mission, SASAM gives great importance to the development of international cooperation and communication.

As an indipendent think tank, SASAM gets the necessary financial resources for its activities by the consulting services supplied by its sub-branch SASAM Consulting. SASAM Consulting serves a broad mix of private, public and social sector institutions for more than 5 years.